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Here you can find all members of the social and legal psychology's department.



Prof. Dr. Roland Imhoff

Tel: +49 6131 39-39291
By appointment only (via email)




Junior Prof. Aileen Oeberst

Tel.: +49 6131 39-39296
By appointment only (via email)




Dr. Alexander F. Schmidt

Tel: +49 6131 39-39xxx
By appointment only (viea email)




Felicitas Flade, M.Sc.CAM00415

Telefon: +49 6131 39-39294
By appointment only (via E-Mail)




Marius Frenken, M.Sc.

Telefon: +49 6131 39-39295
By appointment only (via E-Mail)




Marcel Meurer, M.Sc.

Telefon: +49 6131 39-39292
By appointment only (via E-Mail)



Associated researchers

Dr. Martin RettenbergerRettenberger KrimZ 1

Tel: +49 611-15758-0 (Sekretariat)
By appointment only (via email)




AOR Dr. Paul SchaffnerPSchaffner-225x300

Tel: +49 6131 39-39295
By appointment only (via email)




Graduate students

Paul Barker, M.Sc.PaulBarkerProfile

University of Cologne





Pia Lamberty, M.Sc.

External PHD student





Dipl.-Psych. Mario Messer

External PHD student





Tristan Marhenke, M.Sc.

External PHD student





Assistant Lecturers


Dr. Michael Bernauer

By appointment only. E-Mail





Dr. Johanna Disselhoff

Under Maintain.


Achim Keßler

Under Maintain.

Student assistants

Jonas Knäble, B.Sc.

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Louisa Spielvogel






Felix Zimmer






Maria Zuleger