Virtually all of our teaching is in German language (partially due to the legal requirement that exams need to be offered in German). We thus do not provide detailed information on our teaching on this English site. If you have specific questions not answered here, feel free to reach out!

In general, our group teaches classes in social psychology and in legal psychology. The former include a basic introductory lecture, a BSc-level seminar, as well as advanced MSc-level classes in social cognition, current controversies in social psychology, as well as a project seminar on applying social psychological insights in the field.
Legal psychology is taught on a BSc level as well with an introductory lecture, as well as two seminars. We are also responsible for a MSc. program that specializes in Legal Psychology (MSc. Psychologie: Schwerpunkt Rechtspsychologie). Therein, we offer seminars on criminal psychology, credibility assessment, psychological expertise in family law as well as an in-depth case seminar. In addition, this MSc. includes an empirical project seminar. In cooperation with legal and forensic sciences, we offer interdisciplinary seminars as part of the ZIF - the Center for interdisciplinary Forensics.

In all of our teaching we try to promote open, transparant and reproducible science by teaching about the relevance of open science (e.g., in a session of the social psych lecture dedicated to the topic) and teaching students relevant skills to evaluate published works (e.g., p-curve= and conduct their own studies as part of empirical class work or their BSc. or MSc. theses (e.g., power analyses, pre-registered analysis plan).