The social and legal psychology's research is focused on social cognition. We attend to the terms humans use to categorize other humans or groups. We are also interested in the dimensions of stereotypes and how the belief in conspiracy theories affects e.g. the health behavior.

Our goal is to generate new findings in consideration of current social cognition's methods of sexual science, political psychology or interpersonal relations.


Here you can find more detailed information about our research.


Fields of research:

  • The ABC of stereotypes – rethinking fundamental stereotype content dimensions
  • Sinister plots hatched in secret – conspiracy mentality as a generalized political attitude
  • Representations and lay explanations of history
  • Indirect measures of sexual interest and erotic cognition
  • Biased attention allocation to goal-relevant stimuli
  • Implicit social and romantic cognition
  • Self-control
  • Automatic categorization
  • Prejudice, stereotypes and stigma