Mario Messer


March 2013 - today

PHD student at the University of Cologne

December 2012 - December 2016

Assistant Researcher, Social Psychology: Social Cognition Center, University of Cologne

December 2012

Diploma in Psychology, University of Bonn

October 2007 - November 2012

Student Assistant, Social and Legal Psychology, University of Bonn


Research interest:

  • psychological reactions to injustice
  • moral responsibility
  • anti-poverty action
  • consum behavior
  • antisemisitsm
  • effects of temperature on social perception



Banse, R., Messer, M., & Fischer, I. (2015). Predicting aggressive behavior with the aggressiveness-IAT. Aggressive Behavior, 41, 65–83. doi:10.1002/ab.21574