Legal psychology visualized

Students of the project seminar legal psychology 2017 decided to gather information concerning diffrent subjects within the legal psychology and present them in two movies. The movies were created with the aim of reaching a broader audience.

"Think before you judge. Drei Denkverzerrungen im juristischen Kontext", 2017
(a movie production from M. Ilhan, H. Kleber, H. Lauren, J. Leyendecker, S. Palm, and R. Schmidt)

The movies presents three prominent cognitive biases influencing judgements (confirmation bias, anchor effects, hindsight bias) and evaluate their relevance in the context of law. The relevance of these biases and possible solutions are presented by a fictitious example and interviews with experts on the fields of psychology, criminology, law studies and practial law.


"Transidentität und die Psychologie: Warum der Rettich kein Rettich ist", 2017
(a movie production from C. Besier, T. Buchwitz, T. Porth, and C. Winter)

Born with the "wrong" gender. This movies shows the contrast of collected statements and questions from street interviews with the self-image and expieriences of transgenders. Furthermore, it shows the change of the discourse "trans" within the society by interviewing medical and historical scientists and expierienced valuers. Finally, the movie discusses the anachronism of psychological valuism of transgender in the context of unnecessary pathology.